About The Project

Societe Kuujjuamiut has purchased a monitoring station designed and built by Qaujimautik Systems Inc. to measure the water level on the Koksoak river approximately 75 km up river from the community. The monitoring station includes a water level transducer that measures depth of water at the installation site which is done by monitoring the water pressure. The pressure transducer is installed on a 4 inch concrete block at the bottom of the Koksoak River and a cable runs from the bottom to the south side of the river that is attached to a data logger and an Iridium satellite transceiver.

The pressure transducer is logging data every 15 minutes. The data on this website is updated approximately every hour and includes the raw depth values in both table and chart form, and can be viewed in metres or feet. Upon looking at the data, the last uplink sent from the monitoring station will be available for viewing, however, by choosing another date on the calender, you can view the historical data from the date chosen.