For social means, and without pecuniary gain to the Corporation, Societe Kuujjuamiut has the following goals:

1. To plan, evaluate, manage, organize, coordinate, over-see, develop and improve the living conditions, and local economy within the Municipality of Kuujjuaq.

2. Improve and/or facilitate the circulation of small crafts, or light vehicles on or along the Koksoak River.

3. To grant financial compensation to Inuit Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement affiliated to the community of Kuujjuaq, to Inuit organizations, and any other Native of Kuujjuaq, for all damages related to the Diversion of the Caniapiscau River and for all losses suffered when the overall yearly fishing harvest in the Caniapiscau / Koksoak River system is smaller than previous years given equal fishing effort.

4. Implement and operate maritime equipment required in and around the limits of the Municipality of Kuujjuaq.

5. Develop a program for monitoring the environmental and social impacts of the diversion of the Caniapiscau River, and carry-out or commission remedial work in order to reduce to a reasonable level the known environmental and social impacts in the region of Kuujjuaq.

6. Grant to Inuit Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement affiliated with the community of Kuujjuaq the necessary assistance for industrial, commercial, and residential development and to allow for the development of their natural resources.

7. Implementaiton of research and monitoring programs of fish species levels as well as other wildlife and their habitats.

8. Take the appropriate measures to improve relations between Hydro-Quebec and the community of Kuujjuaq.





  Qurngukulluk (Whales' Head)